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Brand Introduction
ACARD Technology Corp. (credit technology) was founded in 1996 to provide storage solutions for the world's leading professional manufacturers. The initial focus on research and development of IC chip, is Taiwan's first with the SCSI chip design capabilities of the company, in the ACARD, uphold the integrity of high-quality business philosophy under the company steady growth, in December 6, 2004 officially listed operations (code 3126), in order to make the layout more business expansion and let customers outside Taiwan rest assured cooperation with the letter billion, ACARD made a formal certification qualifications approved in 2008 approved. ACARD to ACARD as a brand marketing, enjoy a high degree of evaluation in IDE & SCSI, is the world's first to launch PCI Ultra ATA-100/133 IDE RAID Adapter for PCI PowerMac and PCI Ultra ATA-133 IDE RAID Adapter for PC manufacturers. Current products include integrated circuits, SCSI/IDE/SCSI-to-IDE/ SATA storage controllers, disk storage controllers and systems, storage applications software, and so on. Clients working with ACARD include companies such as IBM, HP, Nokia, and others, offering products worldwide to include users of PC, Macintosh and Unix workstations and to provide OEM/ODM services.
Product Series
32 bit SoC, storage controller, high speed SATA solid state disk etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / network traffic / cars
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