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Brand Introduction
Taiwan jiashuo technology was founded in November 1997, the main products for the surface acoustic wave (SAW) components (mainly including RF surface acoustic wave filter, filter intermediate frequency surface acoustic wave and surface acoustic wave resonator etc.), body wave (BAW) components (including quartz quartz, quartz filter, quartz oscillator, voltage controlled oscillator, piezoelectric quartz control / temperature compensation oscillator) and related modules, application fields include satellite digital broadcasting, mobile phones and base stations, wireless local area network, GPS, Bluetooth, wireless remote control, vehicle tire pressure sensor and other 3C products.
Product Series
Surface acoustic wave filter / resonator, quartz oscillator / filter, quartz oscillator, voltage controlled quartz oscillator, Shi Yingya controlled / temperature compensated oscillator, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, portable devices, communications / network traffic / cars
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